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Welcome to Blackstone Publishing

Wisdom- Truth- Service- Community

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Blackstone Publishing is an Orlando, FL based Book Publishing Company committed to Community Enrichment, Personal Development, and Nation building. We publish literature that develops the Mind, Body, and Spirit, utilizing the written word to bring redemption to a fallen people. Our organization regularly participates in Service projects with the goal of strengthening Families and Neighborhoods. We know that Wisdom alone is not enough and must be accompanied by good Works and Service. We are a company that puts God first in all that we do, keeping His Commandments as our core values and principles. Join us on our mission to Redeem the Nation.


Karajah Yashar-  Chief Executive Officer

Featured Books

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Melodie Shekia's Illustrated Children's Bible Stories book has been high in demand. She brings a historically more accurate depiction of the Hebrew people of the Old Testament for children. 


Jahkim Ben Israel's book '12 Tribes Culture, Meditation Precepts' Continues to be a BSP Best Seller

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Coming Soon!


Blackstone Publishing celebrated its 7 Year anniversary with a Friends and Family Day. This was a chance to highlight some of the many individuals that have contributed to the success of Blackstone Publishing over the past seven years. It's always a great time when the Blackstone Family comes together! 

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