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18 transformative Bible stories told with beautiful illustrations that ensure that black and brown children see themselves reflected in Bible stories that build their faith.

This illustrated Bible includes the following stories:

  • Jesus Is Born in Bethlehem
  • The Three Wise Men
  • John the Baptist
  • Jesus And His Disciples
  • Jesus Heals The Ten Lepers
  • The Man At The Pool Of Bethesda
  • Jesus Heals A Sick Woman
  • Jesus Brings A Girl Back To Life
  • Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
  • Jesus Walks On Water
  • Jesus Saves A Woman From Trouble
  • The Last Supper
  • Jesus Conquers Death
  • Saul On The Road To Damascus
  • Paul And Silas
  • PauL’s Shipwreck
  • The End Of Paul’s Long Journey
  • John’s Vision on the Island of Patmos

Join this inspiring journey through God’s word, where every page overflows with faith, wisdom and a sense of belonging.

Illustrated Children's Bible Stories: New Testament

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