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The Most High Bless the Readers and meditators of this Israelite Manuscript By the Power of The Most High, a list of Precepts have been put together for Israelites by Israelites in the understanding of how the Bible is meant to be read, precept upon precept here a little and there a little, Line upon line.12 Tribes Meditation Precepts. gives clear precepts on Marriage, what is love , Color of people in the bible, who are biblical Israelites before the fall of Jerusalem. Migration of the 10 tribes , who are the gentiles, UFOs in the Bible , hatred , Salvation for Israel. The solution for The Israelites Black and brown people of the Diaspora. Plus many more precepts to learn the ways of Israelites. The things we can eat and the holidays we must begin to keep again to get blessings from the Most high . This will be a go to for quick breakdowns and scripture guide. Every library and home should not be with out this book The Lord alone is mighty and powerful to save as the dream of Daniel plays out with the super power nations in rulership, many questions have been left unanswered, but now as the valley of dry bones come together this will be light to the Southern kingdom and the Northern kingdom. May Father God's blessings be on all who support and share this book for learning and teaching in Good faith. Blackstone Publishing and 12 tribes Culture is pleased to offer this work to all in Good faith , love ,unity with All glory and honor to Our God . Ready to save and increase wisdom on demand....Get one for a friend and personal studies Visit links and bless someone today with 12 tribes Culture Meditation precepts...

12 Tribes Culture: Meditation Precepts

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