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This book provides the foundational teachings necessary to become a true disciple of Christ. It delves deeply into the precepts, teachings, and code of conduct outlined by Jesus, offering a comprehensive guide to living a life that truly reflects His example. Each chapter meticulously explores the core principles of discipleship, from understanding and obeying God's laws to embodying the fruit of the Spirit. Readers will gain a profound understanding of what it means to follow Jesus, equipped with practical insights and biblical wisdom that go beyond surface-level practices.

Additionally, this book highlights the significant differences between being a disciple of Christ and many modern Christian practices. It challenges readers to move beyond a passive or superficial faith, encouraging them to embrace a transformative and active discipleship. By contrasting contemporary religious habits with the authentic call to discipleship, this book serves as a clarion call to return to the roots of true Christ centered living. If your desire is to follow Jesus authentically and wholeheartedly, this book, alongside the Bible, is an essential resource that will guide and inspire you on your spiritual journey.

The Complete Disciple of Christ Guidebook

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