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Welcome to "Courting in the Kingdom: 10 Steps to Discerning Your Perfect Match." In a world where the search for true love can often feel overwhelming and fraught with uncertainty, this book aims to provide a clear, biblically grounded path to finding your lifelong partner. Courting within the framework of the Kingdom of God offers a unique approach, emphasizing intentionality, faith, and discernment. By following these ten steps, you will not only gain clarity about your potential spouse but also deepen your relationship with God, ensuring that your journey towards marriage is aligned with His divine plan.


Throughout this book, we will explore practical and spiritual principles designed to help you evaluate your relationship through a Kingdom lens. Each step is rooted in scriptural wisdom and real-life applications, guiding you to make informed, prayerful decisions about your future. Whether you are just beginning to date or are in a serious courtship, these steps will empower you to discern if you have found your perfect match, ensuring a foundation built on faith, respect, and mutual commitment. Together, let us embark on this journey towards a God-honoring courtship and a fulfilling, lifelong partnership.

Courting in the Kingdom: 10 Steps to Discern Your Perfect Match

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