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Blackstone Publishing 

Downtown Office
1516 E. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL

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At Blackstone Publishing, we are committed to providing the public with books that contain Wisdom, Inspiration, and Information. The first book I ever wrote, 'Genesis: Let there be Light' was inspired by my desire to bring enlightenment to readers by giving an analysis of the first two books of the Genesis story. Seven years and hundreds of books later, the mission remains the same. I am excited to introduce numerous high level authors that are passionate about what they write about and have a similar vision as myself. Our community of Authors and Readers form a unique synergy of awakened consciousness due to the nature of our content. Whether you're a returning reader, an author, or you are new to the site, welcome to the Blackstone Family.

-Karajah Yashar

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   Thandiwe Ogbonna is a professional editor and a casual writer. She has edited for various media formats, including books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, newsletters, and academic writing.
   She began her editing journey at her college newspaper and has since trained in many editing styles. She prides herself on being meticulous and knowledgeable, working with writers to create the most enjoyable and impactful experience for readers.
   She also works as an English as a Second Language Teacher and a math and reading tutor. She enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her two cats.

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