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Blackstone Publishing 

Downtown Office
1516 E. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL

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About the CEO Karajah Yashar

Early Life and Education:

Born in Rahway New Jersey on June 6 1978, and growing up in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Karajah Yashar displayed an early fascination with the written word. Growing up in a household surrounded by books, his love for literature was nurtured from an early age. Encouraged by his parents Dorothy and Errol McClean, who both practiced psychology, they taught Karajah the power of the mind and how to use it. Karajah developed a keen eye for storytelling and an appreciation for the craft. 


Career Path: 

Upon graduation from Rutgers University, Karajah was driven by a desire to serve his family and community. His career path included  serving as a Success Coach at the University of Central Florida, and Program Director for a Youth Program at Rutgers University. He also worked as a Wellness Counselor, Intake Coordinator and Life Coach/Mentor in the prison systems Transition House in Kissimmee and St. Cloud, Florida. In these positions he facilitated workshops and courses on Self Development.      


Achievements and Impact:

In 2016 Blackstone Publishing was born. Celebrating his 7th year anniversary in 2023, Karajah's publishing career has made significant contributions to the publishing industry. He developed a unique translation of the King James Bible called “The Israelite Bible” which has become a #1 bestseller in the world. He has championed numerous debut authors, recognizing and nurturing raw talent, and helping them find their voice. His keen editorial eye has led to the publication of critically acclaimed and best-selling books, showcasing his exceptional ability to identify market trends and anticipate reader preferences.

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