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When Most people think of Yoga, they think stretches and postures. This book is totally different. It is about developing the mind in areas such as Attention span, Mental control, and Understanding the Subconscious Mind. Those fundamental mental functions are the key to success in many areas of life. 


Raja Yoga- Mental Development: Table of Contents


LESSON II. The Ego's Mental Tools

LESSON III. The Expansion of the Self

LESSON IV. Mental Control

LESSON V. The Cultivation of Attention

LESSON VI. Cultivation of Perception

LESSON VII. The Unfoldment of Consciousness

LESSON VIII. The Highlands and Lowlands of Mind

LESSON IX. The Mental Planes

LESSON X. Sub-Consciousing

LESSON XI. Sub-Conscious Character Building

LESSON XII. Sub-Conscious Influences

Raja Yoga: Or Mental Development

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