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This book is one of the most effective texts regarding how to develop the memory. Originally published in 1919, this 100 year anniversary edition continues to aid people in the cultivation of Memory. It is true that the success of the individual in their every-day business, profession, trade or other occupation depends greatly upon the possession of a good memory. A person's value in any walk of life depends to a great extent upon the degree of memory they may have developed. The memory of faces, names, facts, events, circumstances and other things concerning our every-day work is the measure of our ability to accomplish our tasks. In the social intercourse of men and women, the possession of a retentive memory, well stocked with available facts, renders its possessor a desirable member of society. In the higher activities of thought, the memory comes as an invaluable aid to the individual in marshaling the bits and sections of knowledge we may have acquired, and passing them in review before our cognitive faculties—thus does the soul review its mental possessions.

Memory: How to Develop, Train, and Use It

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