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This is the one of a kind biography as told by Harriet Tubman, written through testimonies given to Sarah Bradford. After Tubman's almost superhuman efforts in making her own escape from slavery, and then returning to the South nineteen times, and bringing away with her over three hundred fugitives, she was sent by Governor Andrew of Massachusetts to the South at the beginning of the War, to act as spy and scout for our armies, and to be employed as hospital nurse when needed.Here for four years she labored without any remuneration, and during the time she was acting as nurse, never drew but twenty days' rations from our Government. She managed to support herself, as well as to take care of the suffering soldiers.Harriet Tubman can be compared with among the bravest people in history, working with an active bounty on her head, she was wanted, Dead of Alive by slave catchers.

Harriet: The Moses of Her People

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