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"We are dark and lovely women, with beautiful skin tones, inviting you to adorn us with vibrant hair, stylish attire, and enchanting backgrounds."

Indulge your creative spirit with this fabulous coloring book crafted for women. With skin tones already completed, you can focus on adding your personal flair to the hair, clothes and background. More than just art, this coloring book is a sanctuary of positive quotes that will inspire inner strength and confidence. Meditate on each quote as you color. Lose yourself in coloring as you embrace your own unique beauty, finding moments of tranquility and personal empowerment with every stroke.

***Perfect gift idea for an African American woman or for Yourself.

Book Details:

  • 35 Creative and Voguish Illustrations of African American women
  • Large 8.5” X 11” Page Size
  • Stunning Designs and Backgrounds
  • Promotes Creativity, Peace and Inner Strength
  • Single-Sided Paper To Stop Bleed-Through

Perfect for graduations, birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and more!

You Complete Me: Coloring Book and Positive Quotes

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