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Holy Sabbath: A Covenant for God's People invites you to rediscover the timeless gift of the Sabbath. Journey through the Scriptures to uncover the rich biblical foundations and enduring spiritual significance of this sacred day. From the creation account in Genesis to the teachings of Jesus and the early church, this book offers a comprehensive exploration of the Sabbath's role in the lives of God's people.

Learn how the Sabbath has been observed throughout history, understand its theological importance, and gain practical insights for incorporating Sabbath rest into your modern life. Whether you are new to Sabbath observance or seeking to deepen your understanding, Holy Sabbath provides valuable guidance and inspiration. Embrace the Sabbath as a covenantal sign of your relationship with God, and experience the profound peace and renewal it offers.

Engaging and insightful, Holy Sabbath: A Covenant for God's People is an essential read for anyone looking to honor God's commandment, enrich their spiritual walk, and find rest in the midst of a busy world.

Holy Sabbath: A Covenant for God's People

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