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Welcome to Blackstone Publishing

Wisdom- Truth- Service- Community

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In the bustling heart of Orlando, Florida, amidst the vibrant tapestry of creativity and innovation, stands a beacon of enlightenment and inspiration: Blackstone Publishing. Founded in 2016, this remarkable publishing company has carved a niche for itself in the literary world, offering a treasure trove of books infused with wisdom, inspiration, and invaluable information

Central to Blackstone Publishing's mission is the dissemination of knowledge that transcends the mundane and resonates with the eternal truths found in sacred scriptures. Many of the books offered by the company are biblically based, serving as guiding lights for readers on their spiritual journey.

Featured Books

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Melodie Shekia's book, 'Illustrated Children's Bible Stories' opened up at #1 on Amazon's charts in its category. Her books remain in hot demand.

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Jahkim Ben Israel's book '12 Tribes: Israelite Precepts' Continues to be a BSP Best Seller

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With each publication, Blackstone Publishing endeavors to uplift, inspire, and empower individuals to lead lives of purpose and meaning. Whether it's through profound reflections on faith, practical insights into personal development, or stirring narratives of triumph over adversity, every book carries the imprint of wisdom that is both timeless and transformative.

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Embark on a captivating journey through the lives of inspiring women who shaped history and faith. From Esther's bravery to Mary's devotion, discover timeless lessons from these remarkable figures.

Unveil their untold stories, delve into their challenges, and celebrate their triumphs. This compelling book brings to life their unwavering strength and profound impact.

Explore the profound legacies of these women—stories that resonate across generations. "Women of the Bible" is a testament to resilience, empowerment, and the enduring power of faith.

Women of the Bible

Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club

Beyond merely selling books, Blackstone Publishing is committed to nurturing a community of seekers and scholars who are united in their quest for Truth. Through engaging events, insightful workshops, and online platforms, the company fosters dialogue, fosters growth, and fosters a sense of belonging among its readership.

At the helm of Blackstone Publishing is the visionary leader, Karajah Yashar, serving as the Chief Executive Officer. With a passion for literature and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Karajah has steered Blackstone Publishing on a trajectory of unparalleled success, embodying the company's ethos of wisdom and empowerment.

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